Project workplan BlackSeaScene I 

Black Sea SCENE consists of 6 Networking Activities (NA):

NA1 Management of CA Activities: Overall management and coordination of Black Sea SCENE activities and management of resources by a Project Coordination Group. Daily Management will be carried out by a Project Office (MARIS).
Objectives: To ensure coordination of Networking Activities, budget control and timely delivery of deliverables.

NA2 Black Sea SCENE Workshops Activity: Organization of 7 Black Sea SCENE workshops for tuning the networking activities and 2 special Workshops: a Data Quality Control & Assessment Workshop and a Data Management Workshop. 

  • To establish a Black Sea Scientific Network of leading environmental and socio-economic research institutes, universities and NGO’s from the countries around the Black Sea, that will meet in regular Workshops, together with partners from EU member states
  • To discuss and to tune the content and coherence of the Networking Activities NA3→NA6
  • To monitor and to evaluate the progress of the Networking Activities NA3→NA6
  • To discuss and to prepare long term arrangements for sustaining the Black Sea SCENE network and the Black Sea virtual data and information infrastructure 
  • To stimulate mutual capacity building by exchanging experiences in data management, QC and assessments

NA3 Inventory of Data Quality Control (DQC) and Data Quality Assessment (DQA) methods within the Black Sea countries and EU and Data Quality Assessment on partners data 
Activities: Introduction of EU DQC and DQA methods/procedures. Inventory of partners of DQC and DQA methods/procedures within Black Sea countries and comparison with EU practices. Establishing a harmonized approach to DQC and DQA. Partners will assess the quality of their data by systematic sampling and benchmarking, resulting in so-called Data Quality Labels, that are included in the meta-data records.
Objective: To determine the present quality of Black Sea datasets, managed by the regional partners, and to harmonize the future quality of datasets by exploring and harmonizing common DQC and DQA methods.

NA4 Harmonization and conversion of partner’s data & information to internationally agreed meta-data formats and exchange formats  
Activities: Introduction and transfer of internationally agreed meta-directories and (meta)data formats. Partners will collect metadata of their datasets, populating the meta-directories. Partners will adopt formats for data exchange
Objective: To adopt and to implement internationally agreed protocols for cataloguing and exchanging Black Sea datasets, managed by the regional partners

NA5 Development Black Sea virtual data and information infrastructure  
Activities: To draft a conceptual design and functional specifications of the Black Sea virtual data and information infrastructure. To develop and to integrate the components of the infrastructure. To connect the infrastructure to local systems of partners.
Objective: To develop and to implement a Black Sea virtual data and information infrastructure, including a Black Sea regional portal, to facilitate the access to metadata and distributed datasets, managed by the regional partners.

NA6 Public awareness, promotion, dissemination and exploitation, including Promotion and Dissemination Workshop 
Activities: Public Awareness, Promotion and Dissemination activities. Drafting and discussing a plan for sustainable exploitation of the Black Sea SCENE infrastructure.
Objective: To promote, to disseminate, to maintain and to plan future exploitation of the Black Sea SCENE virtual data and information infrastructure.

In the sub-chapters of Project Workplan a more detailed overview of the networking activities is shown.