The Black Sea 

The Black Sea is an inland body of water, which is part of the Mediterranean basin and is connected to it via the Sea of Marmara. It is locked between Europe and Asia and is surrounded by Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. About 16 million people inhabit the coastal area.

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The Black Sea is almost completely isolated from the world oceans though its depth is considerable in places, up to 2212 m, while its catchment area covers over 2 million square kilometers. The only connection to the world oceans is through the winding Bosphorus Straits, a narrow 35-kilometer channel, only 40 m deep in places. The Kerch Straits in the north provides the connection with the smaller Azov Sea. Click here to learn more about the ecological status of the Black Sea.

The Black Sea has six countries surrounding it. Institutes from these six countries are participating in this project. This section supplies country information of the countries bounding on the Black Sea. The data is based on the CIA World Fact Book. By clicking on the flag you will be linked to the concerning country pages with a short summary, on the pages themselves you will be linked to the CIA factbook for more extensive information.

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