Workplan Upgrade BSS 

The upgrading of the existing Black Sea SCENE infrastructure is mainly targeted on:

  • Expansion of the existing Black Sea SCENE Network with new Black Sea institutes
  • Expansion of the coverage of the Black Sea metadatabases and significant technical upgrading of the distributed virtual research infrastructure and new partners will join.

These new partners will start from ‘scratch' and must reach the same level as the existing Black Sea SCENE Network. For them the following catch-up activities are planned, assisted by the non-Black Sea partners:

  • getting acquainted with European Directives, data quality control (DQC) methods and guidelines (WP3)
  • bringing together information on the DQC methods, applied for their data sets (WP3)

Thereafter these partners will work together with the existing Black Sea SCENE Network partners and non-Black Sea partners on populating the various metadatabases and upgrading the technical basis of the infrastructure. 

The full group of all partners will carry out the following activities, also illustrated in a diagram:

  • WP4: Updating and importing new EDMED, EDMERP, CSR and EDMO records at V1 level (NA)
  • WP5: Upgrading the data & information infrastructure and web portal to V1 level (NA)
  • WP6: Training and capacity building workshops about use and application of tools from SeaDataNet for populating and updating the EDMED, EDMERP, CSR and EDMO V1 metadatabases, for implementing and operating the CDI V2 application and for quality control and data file conversion (NA)
  • WP7: Promotion, Dissemination and Public Outreach activities (NA)
  • WP8: Transnational Access to V1 Services (TA)
  • WP9: Determining the Quality of all data sets & harmonising their delivery formats (JRA)
  • WP10: Developing new data visualization services (JRA)

Bss flow diagram